Multivitamin Benefits: Are they worth it?

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Multivitamin Benefits: Are they worth it?

Multivitamin supplements are popular and highly recommended. There is practically no reason for you not to take a pill with a relatively well balanced dose of each vitamin in it every day. We all know vitamins are important, but there really is just no way you can get an optimal dosage of each and every single vitamin simply by eating whole foods. Multivitamins have a hefty dose of benefits (no pun). Of course, listing the actual benefits of taking a multivitamin would require me to point out the function and benefit of each vitamin involved. I don’t think that’s necessary, each vitamin does something important, but in this particular case, the whole range of vitamins as a whole is the focus. A multivitamin improves your body’s overall general function as well as your physical and mental well being.

If you look at all the vitamins out there, you’ll see there’s a pretty long list. Making things even more complicated is the fact that some vitamins in the alphabet (easiest way to follow all of them) are split into groups, where there is more than one. Whereas you can have Vitamin C or A, when it comes to Vitamin B it is called a complex because there’s a bunch of different vitamins that fall under it. Imagine thinking you can get all of that from your daily meal routine, it’s highly unlikely.

Besides making it easy for you by grouping them all into one single pill, a multivitamin supplement balances each of the individual vitamins based on what each one requires when ingested by an individual. For example, zinc is a copper antagonist as is iron and manganese. Taking vitamin supplements individually may cause vitamin imbalances and a multivitamin takes all of the guesswork out of “how much and what to take” out of the way. That, in and of itself, is a multivitamin benefit, no?

Furthermore, a multivitamin is essential to help recovery and provide your body with the necessary dosages of vitamins it needs to function and repair. If you weight lift, are part of any type of athletics, or do any type of physical activity, a multivitamin should be an absolute requirement. There is no excuse for not taking a multivitamin each day to keep your body strong. Technically, this statement applies to everybody, but it’s extra important for those putting their body through physical stresses. A multivitamin makes sure your body is not mineral or vitamin deficient, so this is especially necessary and relevant for those who engage in physical activities (especially taxing your muscles in the gym).

As a tip, I would like to add that men and women are not biologically the same. I think we all know this, so it should come as no surprise that the multivitamin you take should not be the same one either. We may be from different planets, but that’s not why we should take different multivitamins…more so for the fact we have different bodily requirements. There are versions for men and women, and those are the ones you should pursue. Universal brands focused on attempting to please everybody usually always fall short, as do those that require only 1 pill a day. Some vitamins require higher doses than others, and if one pill can really give you everything you need and not be the size of your thumb, well…link me to it. Make sure to choose a good brand, not a generic as well. It’s worth it. Good Luck!

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