Aesthetically Pleasing: Chapter 6 (Gym Motivation – Mentality Is #1)

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Aesthetically Pleasing: Chapter 6 (Gym Motivation – Mentality Is #1)

The road to aesthetics is not simple. It is not easy, it is not temporary, and it is not without sacrifice. Achieving what so very few have been able to accomplish requires dedication, skill, consistency, and drive. However, these same attributes can be used to describe a relatively serious lifter. They too work hard, stay dedicated, are ambitious, and consistent. The gym motivation is there. Yet, for the vast majority of serious lifters, breaking the barrier of being above average and finally reaching perfection is still very much out of reach. It is out of reach precisely because becoming aesthetically pleasing is god-tier. As great as they may look, the aesthetically pleasing is the very top 1% of the already above average. It’s next-level. Why? Because it is not simply looking great, it means looking perfect. Therefore, what are those very few who achieve ‘Greek God’ status really doing? What is their big secret that separates them from the already very ambitious and above average pack that is the serious lifter? It is not simply gym motivation that drives them, it is their mentality. In our latest article in the Aesthetically Pleasing Series, we break down why the very few were able to defy the odds and achieve perfection. May it inspire you all, regardless of your goal in life, to do the same.

In this world, there are three tiers of people, and they are all very easy to differentiate. Which one are you?

1. The first, and the vast majority, are wishers and hopers. They dream of success because they see it, they want it, but it simply feels out of reach. To describe their ambitions they use phrases like “I can” – “It’s possible” – “That’d be nice” – “I could see myself doing that.” But while they dream big, they fall exceptionally short. The idea remains in their heads, and they remain bathing in mediocrity. Just because they can, doesn’t mean they will. Just because it is possible, doesn’t mean it is plausible. Seeing themselves doing what they want is irrelevant when they are not doing it. These are their greatest pitfalls. To some, perhaps, mediocrity is acceptable. After all, mediocrity is average and most people by definition must fall into this pool. However, it’s the fact that they have hopes, but live as if they are stuck in quick sand that is so unfortunate.

2. The second, and the minority, have a set plan and pursue it. They dream of success and make attempts. The key to them falling short, however, is merely their decision to pursue and not achieve. In many respects, they are above average because they’ve sat down and realized what they want. They talk about their ideas, they try here and there to make something happen, but often times things get in the way. ‘Life’ consistently gets in the way, legitimately or not. Therefore, although they make some progress, there’s enough of them out there that they drown each other out. They are above average, but they are not exceptional. This is where the serious lifter, with the abover average physique, steps in. They occupy this role. Sure, there’s dedication and drive, there’s ambition and gym motivation. There’s a set schedule, there’s food restrictions based on calories per day. But it is not enough. To some, again, this level of achievement may be enough to let them be content with their status. However, for those wishing to achieve aesthetics this mentality once again falls short. They underestimate the target they have set out, they do not realize that to be aesthetically pleasing requires absolutely everything above and beyond what they are doing, it requires precedence. They use phrases like “I’m getting there” – “Only a bit more” – “Pretty good so far.” But these phrases show their complacency, their ability to justify their slowed progress. Although applauded for their drive and hard work, they still lack the ability to think in a way that releases them from any inhibitions. It is their Achilles heel.

3. The third, and the very rare, have a completely different mentality. They are the exceptionals. They have a completely different outlook on life, attitude, and desire for success. These very few, largely due to this mentality, have what it takes to break free from the shackles and freely pursue what is required of them to achieve the beautiful, sculpted, and symmetrical masterpiece body. Unlike the above average, they’re not “getting there” because they wake up feeling like they are already there. There’s never only a “bit more,” because every day is a success. And most importantly, they never feel “pretty good so far” because every minute is a new step forward. Gym motivation unlocked. This are their 10 Commandments:

  1. There are no dreams, only goals. Dreams don’t satisfy but annoy, because they automatically (if only subconsciously) smell of implausibility. There is only a goal, and goals must be accomplished.
  2. Every day, you envision what you desire. You wake up feeling like a ‘Greek God’ and you go to sleep feeling the same. There is no minute of the day, of the week, or the year where you do not believe each and every one of those minutes brings you closer to perfection.
  3. No act is random, all are calculated. Everything you do has an intent behind it, it serves a purpose. Will it help you achieve perfection? It’s acceptable. Will it impede your goal? It has no place in your life.
  4. There are no obstacles to your success. Obstacles do not exist, unless you let them. You have tunnel vision, there is one clear path and you are on it. No amount of turbulence will sway you from your goal.
  5. Going to the limit is the only gym objective. Progressive Overload is essential to muscle fatigue, and therefore, muscle growth. When you’re struggling to get that last rep, imagine a stadium of people are watching you succeed. Imagine they are all betting for you to fail, and it is your duty to succeed. Remember: Pain is temporary, Glory is eternal.
  6. You eat what you must, not what you want. You’re not mediocre, and you’re not above average. You are one of the few, and there’s a reason the amount of sacrifice required drains away the other 99.9% out there. You know exactly what you must eat, based on your maintenance.
  7. Legions of negative opinions hold no value, your path is clear. If almost all cannot do it, almost all will want to see you fall. No matter how close or how strange these people are in relation to you. Each and every opinion is nothing but fuel to your fire. You are unstoppable.
  8. It is not the weight that matters, the focus is muscle symmetry. Each and every rep requires absolute Mind Muscle Connection. Remember, you are shaping your body in complete proportion. There is no room for weight jerking, swinging, or over-emphasis on using other body parts to help move a weight. This solves nothing, and creates unproportionality. Focus on the targeted muscle, you are the sculptor. The sculptor does not slap some unnecessary clay on another body part while shaping the target, why would you?
  9. Your motivation comes from within, it is not external. You do not lift for girls, you do not lift to impress other guys. You are there to achieve perfection, a physique only the few have ever been able to achieve. Your motivation is the elegance of symmetry, proportionality, ideal. Your motivation is the rarity of achieving what so very few are capable of achieving, the beauty of the human body.
  10. You are constantly improving, there is no stagnation. Whether it is the gym, diet, knowledge, or anything else, you are always open-minded and experimenting with new methods. Tradition grows stale, robotic routines quickly breed complacency. Every day is a new day, every day brings something new to the table. You are a champion.

There is a reason breaking the barrier is so hard, and yet so coveted. Which side do you wish to be on? For those stuck being above average but wanting more, wanting the ultimate, now is your turn to transform yourselves into what you know you can become. The words you use are “I am” – “I must” – “I will.” There is no try, try doesn’t exist. Leave the try for the lower tiers. There is no attempt, attempt doesn’t exist. Leave the attempts for the lower tiers. There is only one mission, and it is yours for the taking. You are your own gym motivation. You are exceptional. Whether you are a nobody swimming in mediocrity with no prior gym experience, or a serious lifter with a great physique, this goal is yours. There are no barriers, you are free. You are the only tool necessary to achieve aesthetics. Wake up, no more dreaming. Remember, it is impossible to fail.

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