Super Snack: Sugar Snap Peas

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Super Snack: Sugar Snap Peas

Snacking is often our one necessary evil when attempting to keep the fat off while putting on some size or trying to lose fat by cutting down a bit. No matter how strict we might be, that little snack here  and there  keeps us sane during our otherwise focused diet plan.  Well, that of course depends on what kind of snack we’re dealing with and if you are able to really moderate these snacking habits on a daily basis. Often times, people wind up over-snacking not only throughout the day, but often times on a long-term basis that adds up the calories along the way and limits the fitness goals they are trying to reach. Well, here’s a suggestion: Sugar Snap Peas.

Even if you aren’t a big snacker (no, I’m not referring to KFC!), sugar snap peas are a great supplement to your diet. They can be a great addition to your regular meals, providing extra taste to a meal that might not have been created for its savoring taste perhaps (grilled chicken and broccoli?). For those that do love to snack,  however, they can help cut down on the amount of calories you’re taking in from your little diet breaks (snack-times) while simultaneously keep you full and still actually taste like a snack. Sounds pretty great, no?

High fiber content, high Vitamin C content, boost of Iron and Vitamin K, and low calorie (one cup = 67 calories) – sugar snap peas in a nutshell! Now, this is all great but if you’re sitting there and eating them at a snail’s pace cause your taste buds are screaming, it doesn’t do us any good. Fortunately, this wouldn’t be a recommended snack item if it wasn’t great tasting. Fresh sugar snap peas are crunchy, and taste like chips. If you’re looking for a great snack to replace your numerous bars (or worse, skittles), check these out at your local grocery store. Of course, you can still pop some skittles in moderation, but trading the majority of them for sugar snap peas won’t sound like such a bad idea once you give them a try. For more on healthy foods, visit our Healthy Foods to Eat to Lose Weight article. Good luck!

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