Grapefruit Weight Loss: Can Grapefruits Aid in Fat Loss?

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Grapefruit Weight Loss: Can Grapefruits Aid in Fat Loss?

It is a generally accepted fact that fruits are beneficial to you in the health department (in moderation, of course), but who would’ve thought that eating grapefruit may aid in weight loss? Apparently, it can play a positive role in helping you shed the pounds.

For many, the aftertaste of grapefruit is very bitter, and may be the main reason they stay away from having a couple servings of this fruit a week. For others, it’s the reason they indulge in grapefruits on a consistent basis. Well, I have good news for the latter group and a challenge for the former (it’s time to suck it up!). Grapefruit has been shown to aid fat loss because it reduces insulin spikes after meals. To quickly explain, high insulin levels contribute to weight gain and halt fat loss. During such spikes, your body is prevented from using fat for fuel. Even if you are eating low amounts of food and doing everything else right, your progress may be strongly thwarted due to insulin spikes. That’s the last thing you want to hear, right? Therefore, to help moderate these insulin spikes, fight back with a serving of grapefruit after a big meal.

Another benefit of eating grapefruit after meals is that it contains naringin (a flavanol, which is a plant based chemical). Naringin extends the thermogenic (fat-burning) effect of caffeine, acting to reinforce the strength of the already established thermogenic effect of caffeine (a thermogenic raises body temperature, which in turn makes a very slight impact in the amount of calories you wind up burning). It has also been shown to suppress hunger and is the reason for that bitter aftertaste! Keeping in tandem with our green tea in your diet article, grapefruit and green tea may be a powerful duo in your mission for fat loss.

However, large doses of grapefruit are not recommended for those on medications because naringin has been shown to have an impact on digestive enzymes that help break down these drugs. A grapefruit or two a day after meals, or with some caffeine-based drink is the best way to go. Unfortunately, as with many mythical rapid weight loss fads, there’s articles out there advocating “grapefruit diets.” Do not follow these ridiculous ideas. Although keeping grapefruits in your diet may aid with fat loss, going to buy bags of them in hopes they’ll keep you away from food is an unfortunate myth. Remember, consistency is key, and it is no different when it comes to dieting. Enjoy a grapefruit serving here and there, especially after heavier meals, and reap the small but positive benefits. Good Luck!

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